Every event and entertainment act is unique, so CTD does not believe in cookie-cutter pricing. Once CTD has consulted with you to determine your needs, we will negotiate a price based on your project. This pricing method ensures that our clients get the most for their money.

For Management Services, commissions range from 15-20% depending on the type of act and client needs.

Disc Jockey rates typically range from $275-$675 for a three to four-hour event. Rates depend on the location and type of function - wedding, school dance, bar/bah mitzvah, special event. Prices can go beyond this general fee scale depending on additional needs such as four speaker set-ups, lights, karaoke, and ancillary packages.

Mascot marketing rates generally start at about $25.00 an hour.

Additional Services

Recording Services

After entering an exclusive agreement with CTD, we will work with our musical artists to get recording deals. While recording deals are never guaranteed, the CTD marketing team has experience with national labels and will help its artists navigate the industry. CTD partners with recording studios and Vadom Records. Vadom Records is an upstart record label focusing on artist development. While this label is not a full service record label, Vadom helps with a financial commitment to get your project off the ground.

CTD Entertainment Management

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