CTD Entertainment Management, through our Talent division, provides talent to event planners. Our Production team produces events, and recorded content. The Consulting group designs and host websites, and our Management department handle talent careers, book talent engagements, and mentor our interns. The divisions function seamlessly to form a cohesive company for which flexibility comes naturally.

CTD Entertainment Management provides high-quality talent. Our Performers, Deejays, and Mascots receive great reviews for their corporate, social, and community engagements. Our Web Designers and Technical Support staff develop impactful websites capable of supporting all manner of media and commerce.

CTD Entertainment Management provides superior customer service. We know the importance of responding to calls and emails and keeping our promises. We listen to our clients and, even if dealing with complaints, strive to always be helpful. We train our staff to deliver ‘lagniappe’ – to exceed expectations.

CTD Entertainment Management staff are treated with respect, honor, and dignity. We focus on retention and continuity to minimize any adverse effect on client projects. Creativity is encouraged, as well as cross-training. Staff providing the highest level of service for our clients are recognized and rewarded.

CTD Entertainment Management practices sustainable development. By prioritizing our mental and physical well-being, we are able to rethink our dependence on conveniences. We continuously seek ways to practice green procurement as well as reduce waste by recycling electronics and using cloud computing. We seek to build sustainable partnerships with our suppliers, vendors, and clients.

CTD Entertainment Management is passionate about supporting our communities, especially those with less than we. Recognizing our obligation as entrepreneurs, all our activities contain a community service aspect. We will continue exploring opportunities to innovate and have a lasting, positive impact.

CTD Entertainment Management

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CTD Entertainment Management

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